Monday, December 9, 2013

Mom's letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Hi, it's me, another going crazy mother of two.  I would like to start by saying how grateful I am to stay home with them ALL DAY. 

Sometimes I think I wouldn't want it any other way, but let's be honest, because you already know, most of the time I wish there was someplace else I could go.

Being a parent means we don't have gifts under the tree. However, my kids are four and two of course they expect something good from you. I figured why not ask for a couple of things. It would be fun to see what Santa can bring. 

Have I been naughty or nice?  "Come on, I'm a mom, every morning is a roll of the dice." I only yell with good reason and trying to keep it down since "tis the season." 

I do my best to be a "good enough" mother. I never promised to be better than any other. 

One- A handbag is always appreciated. I'll take another ,Tory, Louis, Kors or even a Gucci. 

From any store will do. Nothing to small, I am a mom after all. 

It has to fit my occasional lipstick, their juices and snacks. Something that doesn't resemble a backpack. 

Two- Maybe some make-up, but who do I see? My days of acting and modeling are far behind me. I'm currently playing the role of  "permanent tired mommy".  

Three- Clothes are an option, Nordstrom, H&M and I love J.Crew. 
It doesn't really matter what I wear around my two. 

Whatever you pick will be fine. I normally wear the same few things all the time. 

Let's get serious with real needs. A facial, waxing, and nail appointment are long overdue. A day off with pay would be awesome too.

The one gift I'm always happy to receive is a bottle of wine that is just for me. You can never go wrong with some type of alcohol. :)

Maybe as a mom that's bad to say.  But, seriously what else can I look forward to at the end of my day. 

Whatever you decide to bring me I'm happy to accept. Being a mom to O&M is truly the best gift I could get. 

Let's all remember It's not about receiving but giving.. So feel free to give to me.. Ok just kidding :) 

Merry Christmas! 

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